Drahthaar-The Worlds Most Versatile Hunting Dog

Bill Shattuck, USAs Greatest Sharptail hunter

DD Backing Pointer, Chukar hunt, Western US


Pointer backing DD



Deutsch Drahthaar-not to be confused with its AKC counterpart the GWP, which is now a different breed altogether. (See VDD-GNA) Verein Deutsch Drahthaar. This breed is not recommended for first time handlers due to their extreme drive and intelligence, unless training clinics are to be utilized. Sold only To Licensed hunters, Not AKC registered! There IS a difference… UPLAND     Pointer backing 2 Drahthaars




[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="380"]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="450"] Sea Ducks in Canadian Arctic

Sea Duck

Drahthaar & Sea Ducks

Fear the beard

Drahthaar and Geese. Whack em and Stack em

DD & Teckel Post Badger Hunt. Euro Badgers are also large and tough

US Hog and drahthaar


Drahthaar Catching hog in CA



Tree Game above-bobcat



VDD drahthaardog at 9 mo on treeing first Mountain Lion

A Coon Hunting Drahthaar

Drahthaar, Patterdale and nights catch of coons

Dog aggressive?! Only on Vermin like Coyote

Large Dangerous Game Learning Manners on a Russian bear.. <img

Trained Dead Game Bayer
src=”http://www.amatoridrahthaar.it/abbaio%20al%20morto.gif&#8221; alt=”” />

Winning Sled Team in New Zealand   



K9 Sheriffs Search Rescue Drahthaar.  Police K9 Drahthaars are sometimes used for drugs, cadaver and missing persons.


Retrieving shot Seal in Iceland

Q – I’m a waterfowl hunter, and only a waterfowl hunter. Should I consider a Deutsch-Drahthaar?

A – While at vom Altmoor we do as many different types of hunting as we can fit in, waterfowl hunting is our first love. Dissatisfaction with high cripple losses with our Springers and Labs was one of our primary reasons for switching to the DD. While we very much respect the incredible levels of obedience and directional control seen in retriever field trials, we want dogs that, regardless of the difficulty of the conditions, will find the cripple that has taken a hidden route two hundred yards from where it went down.

You can’t really appreciate what we’re talking about until you’ve watched a DD follow a duck’s scent trail across dozens or hundreds of yards of wind-swept open water. What many people don’t realize is that the breed started out as a heavy-duty retriever. While the upland capabilities have since been further developed and refined, great emphasis is still placed on game recovery after the shot. Given the great respect of the German hunter for wild game, this should come as no surprise.

Q – Can a Deutsch-Drahthaar handle cold weather waterfowling? A – In our opinion, the typical DD is similar to the average Lab in cold tolerance. We have owners in Alaska and northern Quebec that are more than satisfied.  Most DD’s will make a retrieve, or die trying. Heat is another matter. Many DD’s are, in our opinion, heat sensitive, and must be conditioned to it before they can be expected to perform well in hot weather. Of course, this is pretty common in all reeds of dogs.’

THE SNIFF TEST by Larry Mueller Outdoor Life, October 1999 Scent discussions seem to inspire estimates of how many million times better a dog’s nose is than man’s. Dr. Larry Myers, professor of veterinary medicine at Auburn University and inventor of a technique to test nose faculty, declines such comparisons. Breeds differ widely in olfactory ability, as do individual dogs within a breed. Also, much depends on how well we develop each dog’s interest in using its nose. Of the hunting breeds tested, the English pointer has the most consistently superior nose. The German-registered Drahthaar is often a close second. Most Labs test average. The important thing to remember is that your dog is the odor expert. When in doubt, trust his nose.’

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. These are the greatest hunting dogs in the world.


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